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With inMemory's tools you are able to make beautiful prints for funerals and commemorations. Choose motifs that reflect the life of the deceased, using our extensive image gallery or the family's own pictures.

Fast, Stylish,

You can quickly and easily produce professional memory books, program booklets, thank you cards and other printed matter. We deliver within 24 hours and you only pay for what you order – no licensing agreement or subscription fees. 

Added value to
your customers

inMemory’s products contribute to an atmospheric setting for the ceremony and gives a beautiful memory of the deceased. The relative’s perception of you as a fully professional partner in a difficult moment is amplified. 


Bjarne Johnsen
Bjarne Johnsen
Sofia Apel
Sofia Apel
Marketing & production manager
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Cecilia Jostrand
Fredrik Johnsen
Fredrik Johnsen
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At inMemory we consider environmental work as a natural part of our daily activities. Our printing is Eco labelled. Please contact us for more information, we can assist in making your environmental work even better.